Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Before there was anything there was Nothing.

The only property of Nothing is that it is infinite.

The only property of an infinite is duality.

The opposite of Nothing is Something.


Something in its purest form is one-dimensional energy.

Something expands infinitely in opposition to the infinity of Nothing.

Something is everything, because everything else is Nothing.


Due to being infinitely small yet ever expanding, and being everything that is, one-dimensional energy is at all locations.

One-dimensional energy expands at all locations.

One-dimensional energy expands into itself.

Expansion of one-dimensional energy into itself creates conflict.

Conflict creates movement.

Movement creates the second-dimension.


 Because one-dimensional energy has infinite source and it creates two-dimensional energy, two dimensional energy has infinite source.

Two-dimesional energy maintains all the properties of one-dimensional energy and also has movement.

When conflict among two-dimensional energy occurs, the path of least resistance is chosen.

 The path of least resistance gives the movement direction.

Direction creates the third-dimension.


Three-dimensional energy maintains an infinite source of energy and all properties of two-dimensional energy, and has direction.

when conflict in three dimensional energy occurs, the path of least resistance is a curve.

 A curve bends in every direction, both inward and outward.

inward energy flows in every direction except for one and spirals infinitely smaller towards a center point, creating an infinitely shrinking sphere.

Outward energy flows away from the center point in one infinitely small direction, creating an infinitely expanding plane.

The infinitely expanding plane is can be infinitely separated because it is infinitely small.

The infinite seperation is partially pulled back into the spiral in every direction.

The infinite spiral is partially pushed back out into the infinitely expanding plane in one direction.

At the point where the differentials between a circle and a sphere meet, an event horizon of exactly counteracting expanding and shrinking energies exists. within this event horizon, the shrinking directional movement is more powerful in every direction but one, but beyond it, the expanding energy is more powerful in every direction except one.

 This creates a sphere, that pushes all energies away from it unless the opposing energy has sufficient directional energy to breach the event horizon, at which point they will merge into a larger swirl.

These spheres of swirling energy are commonly referred to as mass.

a curve bends infinitely and will return into itself.

A curve will never return back to its original point because of the lost energy it used to change direction at the moment of conflict.

Curves become spirals.


The center of a spiral is infinitely small.

All energy in a spir

 the path of least resistance can lead into a swirling motion.

Swirling motions have no absolute center.

Energy traveling towards an absolute center will continue on towards its center infinitely.


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